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At amfori, we believe that companies can simultaneously focus on people and planet as well as profit. But we also believe that those companies need help to navigate through the complexities that come with increased sustainability expectations. 

Our name, amfori, is inspired by ‘amphorae’, containers used in ancient times to ship goods around the world. They symbolise the beginning of open global trade, which has brought economic growth, job creation and prosperity.

Founded in 1977, amfori has evolved into a leading business association for sustainable trade, supporting companies across the globe to operate successful and responsible businesses, by improving the Environmental, Social and Governance performance of their supply chains. 

What does that mean… 

A leading business association for sustainable trade…

We are a leading business association, which means that 2400+ members are at the heart of amfori. They come from all corners of the world, represent numerous sectors, operate a variety of business types, and have workforces ranging from dozens to thousands of employees. Thanks to these diverse perspectives and intensive collaboration, we’ve created solutions for sustainable trade that leave a mark. 

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